Adult Discipleship

Our main focus of discipleship at our church is through HomeGroups and personal relationships. However, we understand the need for a time for men to grow together and women to grow together. We have a desire at our church to have supplemental men's and women's ministries for the sake of godliness and a deeper understanding of specific needs and ways to serve in the church. Adults have several options throughout the week: Sunday morning classes and HomeGroups are the main two. However, we also have regular men's and women's fellowships, or conferences, or breakfasts, or studies. See below for current men's and women's classes.

Men's Class

If you have struggled personally against the powerful draw of pornography, or if you have ever tried to help someone fighting this battle, you know how hard it is to break free. But real freedom isn’t found by trying harder to change. Nor is it found in a particular method or program. Only Jesus Christ has the power to free people from the enslaving power of pornography.

InFinally Free, Dr. Heath Lambert, a leader in the biblical counseling movement, lays out eight gospel-centered strategies for overcoming the deceitful lure of pornography. Each chapter clearly demonstrates how the gospel applies to this particular battle and how Jesus can move readers from a life of struggle to a life of purity.

If you or someone you care about is fighting this battle, there is good news: No matter how intense or long-standing the struggle, Jesus Christ can, will, and does set people free from the power of pornography.

Please purchase your book on Amazon (if you order through AmazonSmile, Cornerstone will benefit from a portion of the purchase price) PRIOR TO the first session on July 11th. If you have questions or are unable to purchase the book for any reason, please contact Brandon Harvath at 302-465-2556 or any of the other Elders – we do not want that to be a burden that would hinder any man from attending. Meeting in the Sanctuary.

Women's class

Ladies, join us as we dive deep into the Old Testament book of Ruth, a story of hope and redemption. Regardless of whether you are a beginner at studying the Bible or a seasoned disciple of the Word, we invite you to come study alongside other women for encouragement and equipping in our roles as ambassadors for Christ. Childcare is provided through Nursery, Preschool, and the Children’s Summer Gospel Project supplemental teaching time. Any questions, please contact Kaylene Hooper at 319-415-7415. Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.